Feel free to watch my personally made videos that might help LGUs, Cities and Provinces in running the new ESRE V2.1.

I have also a designed an excel base program that will automatically sum up and consolidate your General Collection Report, RPT Report and Expenditure Report in excel prior to ESRE database encoding. These programs really help me a lot in preparing my esre report with ease, accuracy and on time. These are the features of the programs,

 *  It will automatically sum up your General Collection Report
 *  It will also automatically consolidated your RPT report with the corresponding                        classifications( Residential, Agri and Others), will automatically make Provincial Remittance              Report and will automatically make 25% Barangay share.
 *  It will automatically consolidate your Expenditure report (PS, MOOE and Capital Outlay in a certain office.)

See the captured photo.......Click HERE!!!!

Meanwhile below are the ESRE V2.1 Videos

How to create new LGU Database

How to install ESRE v2.1

How to uninstall ESRE v2.1

How to back-up your ESRE v2.1

How to restore your back-up files to ESRE v2.1

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