The Electronic Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (E-SRE) is a financial reporting database designed and prescribed by the Bureau of Local Government Finance(BLGF) of the Department of Finance (DoF) to monitor the local government unit (LGU)'s financial performance. This electronic reporting system enables its users to easily generate timely and accurate financial and fiscal data through the internet. The format of the report is harmonized with the New Government Accounting System (NGAS) of the Commission on Audit (COA) which presents the operating performance of LGUs in terms of income and expenditures and fund balance. Also provides key data and statistics like local and external sources of income, expenditures, and other statistics of LGU financial capacity. Reports are used as basis for financial management decisions of the provincial government and also as a tool in forecasting revenues and estimating expenditures during budget preparation process. The reports also serve as a guide by donor agencies to assess the financial capacity of LGUs before financial grants are awarded. The reports are submitted quarterly by the Provincial Treasurer's Office (PTO) to the BLGF Regional Office for review and approval.(From

I have designed an excel base program that might help in preparing your ESRE report, may this program will give you an idea to develop your own ways on how to make your ESRE report faster, easier and accurate but if you want to avail my service fell free to contact me on this no. 09087024306.

1. RPT PROGRAM - in this excel program you will encode every OR of your RPT Collection in a 10A     Format that will serve at the same time as your journal of RPT payments if you print and bound it. From the 10A Format the program will total all the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Special and Others for ESRE encoding then it will get the 25% barangay share of every barangay and lastly make a Statement of RPT Collection and Other Impositions for Provincial Remittance. See pictures below. 

A. 10A Form
B. Consolidation (Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial Others)

C. 25% Barangay Share

D. Provincial Remittance
2. EXPENDITURES PROGRAM - you will encode all your expenses in RCI format. Then the program     will sum up in PS, MOOE, CO by office for ESRE encoding. Then you can also fetch all vouchers that belongs to a particular office and print it and lastly you can generate RCI for Accounting submission. This program is applicable in SEF Expenditures, Economic Enterprise Expenditures and Other LGU Accounts that is included in ESRE Reporting. Please see pics below. 

   A. Encoding in RCI Format

B. Summation by Office and by Category

C. Vouchers in by Office

D. RCI Report

3. TRUST FUND EXPENDITURES - Just see the pictures below for a vivid explanation of my Trust Fund Porgram.

4. GENERAL COLLECTION PROGRAM - this is a very simple program but very effective and makes your report easy. See pics below. 

A. Encoding of Collections by Code

B. Summation of Collections

If you want your municipality to avail this program feel free to contact me in this number 09087024306. Every program in every municipality is different from each other. The program also is very small and can be emailed directly to your email add. Ill be posting the video of my program soon, please keep in touch.

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