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Yes there a lot of Downloadable Nintendo DS Lite Games. Where to find free nintendo ds lite games? I will compile a list for you all. Here's a list of games that I found and will give you the links to find these soon enough.

* Taiko No Tatsujin DS
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* Professor Layton and the Curious Village
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* Sonic Rush Adventure
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* Contra 4
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* Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land
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* Mario Hoops 3 on 3
* Animal Crossings

So you want to watch UFC 92 The Ultimate 2008 but would not be willing to pay for the cost. So you think you can watch it online? Where to watch UFC 92 Live Stream for free? I won't lie to you. Yes you can watch UFC 92 streaming online at no cost. All you need to find are the right links so you can watch The Ultimate Fighting Champion 92 as it happens on Dec 27, 2008.

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UFC 92 Live Video Streaming
Watch UFC 92 Ultimate 2008 Streaming

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I failed to blog about Christmas messages, Christmas quotes. It's too late for me to give you Christmas messages. So I thought I might just as well blog about Valentines day quotes, messages, sayings, and comments. I know I won't stand any chance ranking in the SERP considering quotes and messages for valentines day is such a crowded niche. But am not here to compete. Come what may. Few visitors would be fine, after all I will only be placing my favorite valentines day quotes, messages, and sayings. I will start adding valentines day quotes this january. So expect that here.

Who doesn't like Mario brothers games? I remember correctly when we first got our first family computer game. Our favorite computer game was Mario Brothers. Then as time passes by more and more variation of Mario Games were developed. Now you can play with different games with either Mario or Luigi as the main characters.

Here are some Mario Free Games I found:

  • Mario Adventure
  • Mega Mario
  • South Park Super Mario Brothers 2.1
  • Super Mario X 1
  • Super Mario PC 1.0
  • Super Mario Ice
  • Mario and Luigi Football
  • Super Sonic Mario
and a lot lot more..

Are these games for free? Some are for free. Some are for a limited period only. Mostly 30 days trial or an hour of play. Where to get free Mario Games legally? Just go to CNET's website. If you don't what it is or where to find it just type in ""on the search box and you should find what you are looking for. Enjoy the free games.

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This is the game I've been looking for in the past days. I was hoping I could find the full version online. But my efforts were futile. You may have come here looking for The Sims 2 Apartment Life Free Download. Don't worry guys, I will look for this as well other Sims Games. I will let you know when I find it.

Watch Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 12 "Waiting In Space" promo video. You can enjoy the video here. Full videos are available online as well as the English Sub. Just google it.

Watch Numb3rs Season 5 Episode 10 Frienemies (S05E10) online..

Do you watch Numbers? The upcoming episode will air December 19, 2008. I don't have the synopsis. Just watch the teaser of Numbers Frienemies.

My condolences. This is a tough time to the family of Mike Bell or Mike Mad Dog Bell. Wrestler Mike Bell died just recently. The reason for his death is still a mystery. It's under investigation. May his body and soul rest in peace. I'm extending my condolences to the family and to everyone who mourns his death.

Remember Caylee Anthony? The poor baby girl who was missing and her mom did not even bothered finding her nor reported to the authorities about her missing daughter? Well, Caylee's body has been found and the photos of the crime scene have been released. I won't post the photos here. You can try visiting this link- Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos.

Former UFC fighter and wife found dead in Laguna Niguel.

Ex UFC and World Extreme Cagefighting Participant Justin Levens is dead. He and his wife Sarah McLean-Levens were shot dead in their Laguan Niguel Condominium this wednesday. The real cause of the death of the two is not yet ascertained. But according to reports the preliminary finding is that it is a murder-suicide.

My condolences to the family.

Hacking has been very rampant. In today's time ordinary people, and even popular figures like Sarah Palin for instance are being hacked. It's still fresh to the mind of us, I suppose the issue on Sarah Palin's Hacked password for his yahoo account. It was a controversy, and the hacker was a 16 year old. And the hacker did not use any special tool or virus to do the hacking. He was just clever and foolish at the same time to hack password of the email of a popular figure in the political world.

How To Hack Passwords? How to Hack email passwords- like yahoo, or gmail or hotmail?

I'm not a hacker. But there are simple ways that hackers can hack your passwords:

1. Using a public computer and clicking the "remember password" button.
2. Using a public computer and forgetting to logout of your email account.
3. Through Viruses and spywares which might stay inside your pc after downloading what seemingly appears to be a clean file from a realiable source.
4. Through Keyloggers which record the keystrokes on your mouse.
5. Weak passwords that are obtained through the password recovery system of all email providers (just what happened to Sarah Palin)
6. Hardwares like flash disks which contain viruses that are plugged on your pc..

There are more various ways how to hack passwords. Hackers know this very well. So it's imperative that we be careful always by armming our pcs with the right programs from reliable sources. Get a good Anti Virus and Anti Malware programs. Keep your programs updated. Never never install programs which you are not sure of. Keep your computer safe by not going to dangerous websites like those offering free cracks or serials as well as pornographic websites.

Be safe. It's your responsibility! When things go wrong you have yourself to blame!

Friday Night Lights Season 3 Episode 11 is entitled "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall', and I wonder why. heheh.. Here is the story description:

Coach and Tami learn of a change that could dismantle the Panthers team. Matt flips out when Grandma suffers an accident. Tim sees another side of Lyla. Tyra is desperate and once again turns to Landry. Tensions escalate between JD and his father.

And this is the trailer of FNL Season 3 Episode 11 (S03e11)

Watch Gundam 00 season 2 episode 11 s2 ep11 video trailer..

Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler Trailer is keeping me very interested about this film. I like wrestling so this one's a perfect movie to watch. I watched the trailer which I also provided just below this article, and I love it. I think this is a good movie especially for wrestler fans. I'm still looking for the movie overview. For the The Wrestler Full Movie, watch it on the big screen, it would be worth it.

Watch The Wrestler online? Just the official trailer.. Enjoy guys..

Here's what you are looking for Private Practice Season 2 Episode 10 "Worlds Apart". I'm not one of those good guys in the internet who would give you full link for the full video of the episode. But If I do find the full video I will let you know. For now I can only provide the preview trailers, teasers and the synopsis of tv series like Private Practice Season 2 Episode 10.

Here's the story overview:

Pete's girlfriend, Meg, returns to Los Angeles and notices that Pete and Violet are considerably closer; Kevin questions the direction he and Addison are headed in as a couple; Cooper treats a young diabetic boy with a mysterious past; and Charlotte and her team of Pacific Wellcare doctors continue to siphon business away from Oceanside Wellness.

Kim Kardashian has 2009 Calendar Photos. After Jennifer Anisto's Calendar Photos we have Kim Kardashian's 2009 Calendar Photos. I found some of these calendar pictures online. Here are three of them. There are still a lot more of Kim Kardashian's sexy calendar photos. You can search for these online (just be specific to get the best results)

Kim Kardashian's Calendar Photos

Breaking news and this one is very sad!

Todd Homme (Pic) above the contestant of Lifetime's Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist was found dead at his home in New York. He died in as young as 23 years old. Cause of death is still under investigation.

My condolences to Todd Homme's family.

House Season 5 Episode 12 is entitled Painless! It's really going to be another great episode. But it's not going to be shown on tv this year or this december. It's going to officially air this January 2009. It's like they are also taking a break, just like you and me. hehehe.. Anyway, here's an advance preview on this Episode of House (S05e12)

I'll talk about a favorite tv program today- Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 Going Under. There are a lot of us who like Prison Break. Did you miss Episode 15 "Going Under"? If you do, too bad. You will have a hard time looking for the full video of "Going Under". If you miss the episode, here's the story overview and the teaser video.

Michael gets medical attention from the most unlikely of places, and Westmoreland returns to help uncover the true meaning of Scylla. Meanwhile, Lincoln and Mahone race to stop Gretchen before Scylla is lost forever.

Watch the Promo video of Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 "Going Under" (S04e15)

Watch the movie trailer video for X-Men Origins Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman. Wolverine will be seen in theaters on May 1, 2009. Enjoy watching the trailer. Free streaming and full video? hmmmm.. Let me think about if I could help you with these..

Watch Heroes Season 3 Episode 13 "Duel" online? First read the episode story overview or description:

After the showdown with Arthur, the Petrelli brothers find themselves against each other and Nathan makes a move that will have repercussions on the world. Sylar holds Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela hostage, beginning a face-off at Primatech. Ando, Matt and Daphne continue their attempts to rescue Hiro and Mohinder may be their only hope.

About the free full video of Heroes Season 3 Episode 13 (S02e13), I can only give you the trailer or promo video:

Watch Heroes "Duel" online

Many people have asked me about this. How do you view a private friendster profile?

Let's say you want to view the pictures of someone who is not your friend on friendster. But you don't want to add that person as friend. Maybe because you only want to spy on what the pictures that person has on his profile or maybe you really don't know the person but is just curious about his or her pictures. So how do you view that private friendster profile?

Okay I have the solution. I was able to find a site you can use to view someone else friendster profile, but this will not work on private photos, just private profiles. Actually, there are more than 5 sites I know making it possible for you to view private profiles without really hacking the accounts.

I won't provide the link here as others may use it to the disadvantage of others. But you can email me or contact me directly about this.

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 11 "Dressed For Success" video teaser.
Guys, I don't provide for the complete video. Just watch the teaser. Or use the search box if you are not satisfied.

Big Bang Theory (S02e11)Story Overview:
Christmas is a source of stress for Leonard - whose handsome colleague starts dating Penny - and his friends, who are being tormented by Sheldon's obsession with gift-giving etiquette.

Watch the Promo Clip of Big Bang Theory Season 2 Episode 11 "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"

How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Episode 11 'Little Minnesota' (4.11 / s04e11) story overview:

Marshall takes Robin to a bar with a Minnesota theme. Ted attempts to keep his visiting sister away from Barney.

Watch The Promo Video

Where can you get free Cool Naruto Wallpapers?

This is not a problem. The internet is so full of links where you can get all of the cool Naruto Wallpapers that you are looking for. Naruto wallpapers are given for free online. Anyone can get these wallpapers with a few clicks of the button. So where can you get free Naruto Wallpaper or Naruto Anime Wallpapers? Google is a great search engine for this. Just type these keywords when you search for your Naruto Wallpapers and you should find the top 5 sites in the search results:

Cool Naruto Wallpapers
Best Naruto Wallpapers

But you can make a different search using a different keyword variation. Whatever keyword you use just make sure you are as specific as it can be, otherwise you'll end up searching and searching. Good luck on your quest to find the coolest Naruto Wallpapers.

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 Going Under will air very very soon. Probably you are asking, why the sudden posts on few tv episodes? Because you thought this blog is about technology and software. Well, this blog is primarily about technology and computer programs. But it's not exclusive. I still like to blog about almost anything. TV episodes are a hit online, so I might just blog about them.

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 Going Under description:

Following Linc's deal with the devil, Michael has his brain operation. Linc also extracts information from T-Bag, with whom he was recently reunited. Meanwhile, Wheeler and Lang transport Mahone to prison; and as Self and Gretchen await their prospective customer, Gretchen gets a phone call from her sister that's both reassuring and troubling. During surgery, Michael (who's conscious) gets unlikely help in unraveling the mystery of Scylla.

Watch Prison Break S04e15 Going Under

Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 11 "Home is the Place" is going to air on January 4, 2009. That's next year. You have to wait for the holiday break to end. It won't be that long. I think we have longer nights and shorter days this month. Anyway, I have provided an overview for this episode:
"Susan bonds with Lee (Kevin Rahm) while Jackson's away, Susan visits a gay club for the first time. She believes a shirtless guy is flirting with her, til he mentions he's gay. Susan might sleep with Lee, but not remember it afterward. We may hear but not see Jackson (Gale Harold).

Gabrielle learns one of Carlos' former associates has a job opening perfect for Carlos. Carlos, however, has decided to teach the blind, to Gabrielle's horror. Carlos and Gaby host a dinner party where they learn they might be happier than his former associate and his wife are now.

Andrew's fiance Alex Cominis (Todd Grinnell) is in the episode, as is Alex's mother (Joanna Cassidy). Look for Alex's mother Melina to clash with Bree for their sons' affections.

Lynette has to handle Warren Schilling, or otherwise he'll make trouble for Preston, who's still posing as Porter. How far will Lynette go to protect her son? Lynette catches Preston when he talks to his twin Porter on the phone.

Edie's becoming weary of Dave, who continues to act strangely."

Dexter Season 3 Episode 12 "Do You Take Dexter Morgan"

The overview of the story.

Miguel's out of the picture, but his unstable brother Ramon still poses a threat to Dexter; a potentially fatal surprise could imperil Dexter's impending nuptials to Rita; Debra learns she's in line to get her detective's shield, but troublesome news could tarnish her promotion.

Enjoy the preview of Dexter Season Finale:

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 11 "Wish You Were Here" is going to air on January 2009. That's too far from now. I think it's because of a Christmas Break. You'll just have to wait for 2009 to come to watch Grey's Anatomy"Wish You Were Here".

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 11 "Wish You Were Here" Preview Video

I'm just too tired of getting very little traffic so am experimenting on TV programs. So Survivor Gabon Episode 13 preview is just below for you to enjoy.

Survivor Gabon Episode 13 preview video.

Hello Guys!

Do you watch "The Office"?

The upcoming episode of The Office is Episode 10 entitled "Moroccan Christmas". Just right of the upcoming Christmas holidays. So anyway, I have the preview of The Office Season 5 Episode 10 Moroccan Christmas.

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Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Replay Video
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