Mario Free Games?

Who doesn't like Mario brothers games? I remember correctly when we first got our first family computer game. Our favorite computer game was Mario Brothers. Then as time passes by more and more variation of Mario Games were developed. Now you can play with different games with either Mario or Luigi as the main characters.

Here are some Mario Free Games I found:

  • Mario Adventure
  • Mega Mario
  • South Park Super Mario Brothers 2.1
  • Super Mario X 1
  • Super Mario PC 1.0
  • Super Mario Ice
  • Mario and Luigi Football
  • Super Sonic Mario
and a lot lot more..

Are these games for free? Some are for free. Some are for a limited period only. Mostly 30 days trial or an hour of play. Where to get free Mario Games legally? Just go to CNET's website. If you don't what it is or where to find it just type in ""on the search box and you should find what you are looking for. Enjoy the free games.

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