Hmmm.. this post is definitely does not belong to any group at the moment. But from now on I will blog about videos and tv series. The first post for this category is Smallville Season 8 Episode 10.

Some more information:

Title: Smallville Season 8 Episode 10 Bride
Airing Schedule: November 20, 2008.

Chloe and Jimmy have unexpected arrivals at their ceremony. Oliver is shocked to see Lana after expecting to find Lex. Lois and Clark begin to fall for each other.

No preview yet.heheh..

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John McCain's Concession Speech Full Video below. McCain has been defeated by Barack Obama as President of America.

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Obama's Acceptance Speech| Obama Victory Speech

Obama is the new President of America defeating John McCain.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. Obama Victory Party is to held in Chicago. For tickets for the victory party celebration just google it online.

Below is Obama's Victory Speech Video. I will update it later when the video is available.

Update: Obama's Victory Speech Videos

Do visit the other articles in the sidebar. Thank you.

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Eager to watch One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 9 SE6E09 the full video online?

I don't watch these tv programs. But for the sake of providing you with the video, I have included one that I found in youtube. Enjoy the video.

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Obama on SNL Live November 1, 2008.

Obama is appearing on SNL - Saturday Night Live, this November 1, 2008. Don't forget to watch it. I am pretty sure it's going to be a really good show at SNL. Should I place the Obama at SNL video here? Precisely!

Election is coming. Judgment day is a few wake ups away..hehhehe.. So I am expecting Obama on SNL to be one of the most viewed SNL episodes or nights! What do you think?

Happy Spooky Halloween!

Do you have scary halloween quotes and messages? I don't have halloween quotes or messages in mind. I just scare my friends. Lol.. Seriously, I just google for halloween quotes and messages and put them as comments in friendster and myspace profiles. It's easy to find them. There are many sites offering free quotes in different designs and styles. Some have spooky fonts and spooky characters.

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