If you have an iphone then Congrats! I don't have one but will have one if you give me one. Lol.. Seriously am not fooling around. hehheh.. So anyway, I went to youtube and compiled the best video tutorials on how to unlock the iPhone. I don't guarantee these will work but its up for you to try.

How to unlock iPhone Videos

I found this video on youtube on how to unlock LG mobile phone. I dont' think it will work. But for knowledge's sake am sharing this video with you all. I am not saying this will unlock you LG mobile phone but you can watch it and perhaps learn from it.

As mentioned in my earlier article, here's the first video on how to unlock mobile phones. The video is one i found in youtube. It's about unlocking motorola phones.

How to Unlock Phones and sims?

Do you need to unlock your mobile phones? Isn't it frustrating to have your most coveted phone but only you can't put your sim into it because the mobile company has locked their phones? You cannot use the phone unless you use the phone company's own sim packs or in short their service. It's also a strategy so that you get their mobile phones and their services as well.

There are phones that are easier to unlock, there are those that are harder to unlock and those that can't be unlocked. Unlocking a mobile phone is not illegal I suppose but you forfeit the warranty for your cellphone.

Wait for my other articles as I shall provide for videos on how to unlock certain mobile phones like LG, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and Iphone.

Download free music for PSP?

I am looking for working sites for free psp music or free music for psp but haven't found one that has psp music for free except for one- PSP Blender dot com. You can find music for your psp here by title, by artist and by genre. There are millions of mp3 music here that you can download to your psp. All music files are psp compatible.

You might want to check PSP wallpapers too.

Looking for PSP wallpaper or wallpapers?

There are plenty of wallpapers for your psp that you can find online. Just use google. Be specific when looking for psp wallpapers. For instance you want anime psp wallpapers or sexy psp wallpapers, so use that keywords.Don't just type in psp wallpapers or psp themes. Be as specific as possible and expect to get specific results.

I will update this post for specific links where you can download psp wallpapers. For the mean time you can visit - PSP Hub for PSP wallpapers.

PSP Cheats| PSP Codes: Advance GTA PS2 cheats

All tracks:
Go to the screen with "Start" and a picture of the car. Hold L + R, then press Up/Right
+ B. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime.'

All cars:
Go to the screen with "Start" and a picture of the car. Hold L + R, then press Up/Left +
B. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime.

All tune-ups:
Go to the screen with "Start" and a picture of the car. Hold L + R, then press Down/
Right + B. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime.

Extra mode 1:
Go to the screen with "Start" and a picture of the car. Hold L + R, then press Right +
B. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime. Alternately, select
championship mode and win the beginner, middle, and high speed classes. An "Extra
1" option will now be unlocked at the main menu. Select it to race in mini-cars.

Extra mode 2:
Go to the screen with "Start" and a picture of the car. Hold L + R, then press Left + B.
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime. Alternately, select
championship mode and win all four classes. You must finish in first place in all races.
This will unlock the Formula 1 car and the "Extra 2" option at the main menu.

View credits:
Go to the screen with "Start" and a picture of the car. Hold L + R, then press Up + B.
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime.

All cars and modes:
Enter "S/PD W1/H L8Q8 >VbB" as a case-sensitive password to unlock all cars and

High speed mode and more:
Enter "2QjD +D1Q 9Fy2 5B0C" as a case-sensitive password to unlock high speed
mode, 31 cars, and have all first place wins.

Hidden Go-Kart Mode:
To access the Extra Go-Kart mode play through the championship mode and beat the beginners, middle,
and high-speed classes. You should get a new car
after the last race you win that is a go-kart and
then go to the main menu and the first option that was unlockable will say extra.

Formula 1 Mode:
To access the Extra Formula 1 mode play through
the championship mode and beat all four of the
classes with a first place in each race. You will
get a new car after the last race. It is a Formula 1 race car. At the menu screen the
Extra 2 option will be available.

That's all for PSP Cheats PSP Codes

Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya Boxing Match

I'm thrilled and excited upon realizing that the Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya Boxing Bout is about to take place. It's already 3rd week of October and the fight is on December 2008. Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines will take his chances against Oscar De La Hoya of Mexico.

My vote goes to Manny Pacquiao but Oscar de la Hoya is a great fighter. He is also taller than Pacman or Manny Pacquiao.

I'm excited to see the fight.

You can watch the live streaming of the Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya match here. I'll look for way to get that live streaming in this blog. Although it's quite impossible. If I don't make a way to that maybe I will just post the replay video. I'll look for that in youtube. But in most cases, videos of boxing bouts posted in youtube are removed for copyright violations. Call it greedy not to share videos after all who ever put them on youtube paid to watch the fight. But that's how things work. Hard fact but there's nothing we can do about it.

My advice is you bookmark this page now. This article so that when the fight comes and you want to know the results or watch the video, live video or replay video of Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya, you can quickly get access.

Of course people will be looking for Pacquiao vs. Dela Hoya results. So i hope they will get to see this post of mine. Others might wrongly type in Pacquioa vs. delahoya or Pacman vs. Oscar. I hope they see this blog.

Come back again for the Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya Results and Pacquaio vs. De la Hoya Video

Looking for Friendster Layouts, Backgrounds and friendster skins? Or maybe those adorable, cute friendster graphics to put on your testimonial box? It's almost halloween so you might want to change that friendtser layout of yours into something spooky and scary. Try looking for the friendster backgrounds you want at Pyzam dot com. There are lots of friendster layouts there. So go ahead chech 'em.

Watch Kelly Pavlik vs Bernard Hopkins Video Fight Online Live Stream For Free..

This is a much awaited event.

Kelly Pavlik vs. Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins wins! Unanimous Decision. Winner is Hopkins. Pavlik defeated!

The replay video will be uploaded later. I have to secure that one first.

The Nintendo DS Lite.

Do you own one? Game lovers still like to play with Nintendo DS Lite. Nintendo DS Lite is a dual screen handheld game console developed by Nintendo.

From the word Nintendo DS Lite, this version of Nintendo DS is slimmer, brighter and more lightweight compared to the original Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS Lite is still a favorite carry all around game console.

A lite DS or DS lite Nintendo as others call it come in two main colors Nintendo DS Lite Black and the Nintendo DS Lite White or Silver. However there are now more colors of Nintendo DS Lite, we have red, light blue, and pink etc. Nintendo DS lite is so popular that it has sold millions worldwide.

One can enjoy Nintendo DS Lite with nintendo original games, super games and other games for Nintendo DS. I shall be helping you find Nintendo games in my next posts.

It's so funny how people always want to get everything for free. Free anti virus programs, free serials for anti virus softwares, free cracks, keygen etc. Come on guys these anti viruses programs are not made to be given at no cost. You need to pay for these.

Norton Anti Virus Full Version for instance is not something you'd get online. You can most likely get the 30 day trial version then you need to buy the license key or serial to continue using the Norton Anti Virus.. But if you think you can google your way out to finding costless solution to your problem, do so at your own risk at your own pc's risk.

Most serials for Norton anti Virus you will find online are not working or carry viruses, trojan horse with them. The serial may work and oh yes you think you are so genius. Just wait for a few days or so and expect your pc to go nuts. But you could still be lucky though. But chances are your luck may not be that good.

So am sorry, I don't have Norton Anti Virus Full Version here nor serial for Norton Anti Virus. My suggestion, buy the licensed copy of this program and save yourself and your money.

Dancing with the Political Stars

Dancing with the Political Stars Video..

How amusing this is...

Free PSP Game Downloads: PSP Games Downloads

I think many people are still looking for Free PSP Game Downloads of PSP Games Downloads. This is despite the the presence of Nintendo and the Free Nintendo DS (NDS) Lite Games.

So anyway, here's where you can find free games for your PSP:

1. www.pspshare.org

I hope these help. Check Out my other post on where you can find Free Nintendo DS (NDS) Lite Games.

Where to get a free rapidshare account?

So you came in this blog of mine looking for a free rapidshare account, free rapidshare password or username and log in details. Do you expect to get a free rapidshare account or hacks in this blog?

The reason why I am making this post is not to simply fool you or make you insanely mad and waste your time. Because in reality by reaching this blog you are spending your time wisely. Here's why.

You don't need a free rapidshare account or password or login details or hack, or however you want to name it. A rapidshare account that's been shared by many users is tracked by the rapidshare system. Sooner or later (but more likely the soonest) the admin of Rapidshare will notice the usage of one account by multiple IP addresses. When that happens the rapidshare password or username or account will be banned. The worst case scenario which is likely to happen is your IP address will be banned as well from Rapidshare. Thus you can't use rapidshare anymore- TOTALLY PROHIBITED from using Rapidshare! That's the awful truth about rapidshare free accounts. They are not worth it!

Get a free rapidshare access password or username successfully, then minutes or hours or days get that account banned and your IP address banned.

So don't google for free rapidshare accounts. Get one the right way. Otherwise pay the price the tougher way.

Matt Stairs hits the biggest home run. Matt Stairs blasted a home run. He launched a Jonathan Broxton pitch deep into the right field in the Dodger Stadium giving the Phillies 7-5 lead.

Matt Stairs is definitely the man in the game! Cheers to him!

Do you have Tune Up Utilities 2008 version on your pc?

I have this on my pc. It's a must. Tune Up Utilities 2008 is perfect for windows optimization. It boosts system performance, defragments drives, correct registry errors, and solves many common computer problems. It's perfect for correcting pc performance every day.

Want the Tune Up Utilities 2008 Full Version? Or the Tune Utilities 2008 Crack, Serial and Keygen? No I don't have that here. You need to buy the licensed and full copy of this software. It's illegal to get unlicensed copy or use cracks or serials that you find online.

You can however avail of the 30 day trial of Tune Up Utilities 2008 Version. Just visit this site:


Copy paste that on your browser and enjoy the 30 day trial of tune up utilities 2008.

Poor Sarah Palin. Her photo on the cover of Newsweek is just not right. It's like someone just photographed Sarah Palin without even putting some foundation on her face. As a VP Candidate she should always look good especially when covering for something like "Newsweek". Sometimes the camera does not always like us, but when thousands, millions of people are to see your picture, heck.., you'd want to look good too. You should look good!

And why not do some retouching on the part of Newsweek. Even models, celebrities, no matter how beautiful they maybe are, go through photo retouching.

I'm not saying that Sarah Palin is ugly.It's how this photo is taken that makes her look ugly physically. You can click the picture of Sarah Palin to clearly see the ugly things I found with the photo. You can add more if you find something else. Do digg this post if you like it.

Alcohol 120%, is a powerful Windows CD and DVD burning software that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs* and CDs.

Alcohol 120 is priced at $45 USD with one year upgrade. This is a really nice program but with the price considered not that many people are actually using alcohol 120%. As for the Alcohol 120% Serial or keygen, I don't give that here. It's illegal and my time and again warning: Serials, keygens, cracks can be harmful. You might not actually save money if you get one. I suggest you buy the original, true and licensed copies of this programs. If you so dare to search for serials, it's at your own risk!

Anti Virous??

Here's another one- Anti Virous!

Oh man!

It's not Anti Virous but Anti Virus. Not Virous but Virus. There are more than a thousand searches using this keyword- anti virous every month. Time to correct you guys. It's Anti Virus. Type it in the search box and you'll probably find what you're looking for.

Abg Anti Virus??

Oh my, you must be kidding me.

There is no such thing as Abg Anti Virus. Perhaps you mean AVG Anti Virus.

But did you know that there are a few searches online looking for Abg Anti Virus and that prompted me to write this post.

There is no Abg Anti-Virus but AVG Anti Virus.

Anti Virus 2006

Anti Virus 2006

A question about why people search for Anti Virus 2006 is bugging me. Anti Virus 2006 is obsolete. New viruses, new threats are created everyday that can harm your computers. That's basically why you need to update your anti viruses. An Anti Virus that's as old as year 2006 can't protect you now that it's 2008. It's database only contains viruses that were created during and before 2006. Viruses and other threats that came to emerge thereafter are not in its database. Therefore it cannot protect you unless you update or upgrade. Stop looking and downloading old anti virus programs. Get the latest and always update!

Mobile Anti-Virus

Nowadays, mobile phones or cellular phones are not safe from viruses, malwares, and spywares. Downloading files from the internet to your mobile phones is not safe at all. Your cellphone is like your pc. Anything that goes to it coming from the internet or even from other mobile phones or gadgets carry the risk of viruses and other harmful programs. The best protection is prevention and the use of Mobile Anti Virus, Mobile Anti spywares and similar programs.

Install one to your phone especially when you browse the internet or transfer files regularly on your mobile phone. Mobile anti virus is not expensive. You can get one at a cheap price. Don't try using serials, cracks or keygens as these can contain threats to you phone. Spend some cash for your mobile anti virus and don't risk your phone and your own privacy.

OMG! Diddy doesn't like Sarah Palin. In fact he is scared of Sarah Palin.
Have fun watching the video below...

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