Poor Sarah Palin. Her photo on the cover of Newsweek is just not right. It's like someone just photographed Sarah Palin without even putting some foundation on her face. As a VP Candidate she should always look good especially when covering for something like "Newsweek". Sometimes the camera does not always like us, but when thousands, millions of people are to see your picture, heck.., you'd want to look good too. You should look good!

And why not do some retouching on the part of Newsweek. Even models, celebrities, no matter how beautiful they maybe are, go through photo retouching.

I'm not saying that Sarah Palin is ugly.It's how this photo is taken that makes her look ugly physically. You can click the picture of Sarah Palin to clearly see the ugly things I found with the photo. You can add more if you find something else. Do digg this post if you like it.


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