Windows XP Serial Numbers

Windows XP is very popular. But it's an expensive software. But back then piracy was so rampant and getting a windows xp serials or windows xp free serials online was so so darn easy. Users just copy paste the serials or keygens or cracks and there they have a license Windows XP 1, 2, 3. In fact despite the fight against piracy and illegal downloads by company owners and the authorities, Piracy is just too tough to bring down. It's a worldwide problem and it's been a disease that was never cured and will never be cured for the coming years. Sad but true. But there are still those who would try their lucks on free windows xp serials. All they need is an internet connection,a good computer and woolah, they get a free serial. It's not advisable and the risk is just too big but many people are too insensitive to these. The cost of windows xp licensed copy is too heavy to the pocket for many, so this is their way of getting what they want cost free. I want to remind everyone that it's illegal. It's not safe and you could be penalized.


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