Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 Going Under will air very very soon. Probably you are asking, why the sudden posts on few tv episodes? Because you thought this blog is about technology and software. Well, this blog is primarily about technology and computer programs. But it's not exclusive. I still like to blog about almost anything. TV episodes are a hit online, so I might just blog about them.

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 Going Under description:

Following Linc's deal with the devil, Michael has his brain operation. Linc also extracts information from T-Bag, with whom he was recently reunited. Meanwhile, Wheeler and Lang transport Mahone to prison; and as Self and Gretchen await their prospective customer, Gretchen gets a phone call from her sister that's both reassuring and troubling. During surgery, Michael (who's conscious) gets unlikely help in unraveling the mystery of Scylla.

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