How To Hack Passwords?

Hacking has been very rampant. In today's time ordinary people, and even popular figures like Sarah Palin for instance are being hacked. It's still fresh to the mind of us, I suppose the issue on Sarah Palin's Hacked password for his yahoo account. It was a controversy, and the hacker was a 16 year old. And the hacker did not use any special tool or virus to do the hacking. He was just clever and foolish at the same time to hack password of the email of a popular figure in the political world.

How To Hack Passwords? How to Hack email passwords- like yahoo, or gmail or hotmail?

I'm not a hacker. But there are simple ways that hackers can hack your passwords:

1. Using a public computer and clicking the "remember password" button.
2. Using a public computer and forgetting to logout of your email account.
3. Through Viruses and spywares which might stay inside your pc after downloading what seemingly appears to be a clean file from a realiable source.
4. Through Keyloggers which record the keystrokes on your mouse.
5. Weak passwords that are obtained through the password recovery system of all email providers (just what happened to Sarah Palin)
6. Hardwares like flash disks which contain viruses that are plugged on your pc..

There are more various ways how to hack passwords. Hackers know this very well. So it's imperative that we be careful always by armming our pcs with the right programs from reliable sources. Get a good Anti Virus and Anti Malware programs. Keep your programs updated. Never never install programs which you are not sure of. Keep your computer safe by not going to dangerous websites like those offering free cracks or serials as well as pornographic websites.

Be safe. It's your responsibility! When things go wrong you have yourself to blame!


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