Where to get a free rapidshare account?

So you came in this blog of mine looking for a free rapidshare account, free rapidshare password or username and log in details. Do you expect to get a free rapidshare account or hacks in this blog?

The reason why I am making this post is not to simply fool you or make you insanely mad and waste your time. Because in reality by reaching this blog you are spending your time wisely. Here's why.

You don't need a free rapidshare account or password or login details or hack, or however you want to name it. A rapidshare account that's been shared by many users is tracked by the rapidshare system. Sooner or later (but more likely the soonest) the admin of Rapidshare will notice the usage of one account by multiple IP addresses. When that happens the rapidshare password or username or account will be banned. The worst case scenario which is likely to happen is your IP address will be banned as well from Rapidshare. Thus you can't use rapidshare anymore- TOTALLY PROHIBITED from using Rapidshare! That's the awful truth about rapidshare free accounts. They are not worth it!

Get a free rapidshare access password or username successfully, then minutes or hours or days get that account banned and your IP address banned.

So don't google for free rapidshare accounts. Get one the right way. Otherwise pay the price the tougher way.

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