Linda Lou Taylor Most Married Woman (married 23 times)

An Indiana woman holds the Guinness World Record as the most married woman in history. Her name is Linda Lou Taylor, a 68 year old woman who got married 23 times. Linda Lou Taylor divulged that two of her husbands turned out to be gays, one cheated on her, and another choked and padlocked her into the refrigerator.

Taylor has been single for 12 years now but she does not eradicate the idea of getting married again the 24th time. According to Linda Lou Taylor,

"It's easy to summarize why.. “When I was younger I was an only child, but the neighborhood kids were all in love with me. Everyone wanted to marry me.”

What intrigues me more is if she's going to find her 24th husband. Interesting? I think the whole world will know if she finds her new partner...


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