Alberto Cutié Shocking Video

From wikipedia) "Alberto Cutié (born circa 1969 in Puerto Rico), better known as Padre Alberto, is a Roman Catholic priest who has become a recognizable name due to his television and radio programs. Born in Puerto Rico to parents of Cuban ancestry, Cutié began his foray into the media at an early age. He started to work as a deejay during his adolescence. While his passion for radio was great, it was not greater than his devotion to his faith, which eventually led to his ordination as a Catholic priest. He was ordained as a Catholic priest for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami in 1995. He is the first Catholic priest to host a secular talk show both on radio and television. He is also a regular columnist whose writings appear in many Spanish newspapers throughout the United States and Latin America."

Cutie is so hot in the web as of this very moment because the magazine TVnotas has photos showing Cutie frolicking with a woman on the beach. Despites how devoted, religious and respected we are, we are all still subject to errors. A saying goes "To Err is Human to Forgive is Divine" See video of Alberto Cutie and his apology.


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