Swine Flu goes to Pandemic? How true?

For the latest updates of swine flu, swine flu virus now affects 73 countries, 26,563 cases reported and 249 deaths, the virus continues to be sensitive to anti-viral drugs. And may be these are enough reasons for the WHO or The World Health Organization to declare a swine flu pandemic.

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"The World Health Organization is preparing to declare a swine flu pandemic, officials hinted Tuesday, saying that the goal now is to prevent countries and populations from panicking.

“One of the critical issues is that we do not want people to panic if they hear that we are in a pandemic situation,” Feiji Fukuda, WHO’s acting assistant director-general, said in a media call Tuesday.

“We know the virus is spreading and we are now seeing activity picking up in a number of countries. We know that we are getting closer to probably a pandemic situation,” Fukuda said."

And for us, the only thing we can do best is to pray and hope that a cure for swine flu virus will be found.


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