Watch Food Party:Thu Become One Live Stream Season 1 Episode 1.
Food Party reality TV Show will be making its new series debut "Food Party Season 1 Episode 1" tomorrow night June 9, 2009, Tuesday, 11:15 P.M at IFC Channel.

Here is a brief summary of the show from TVRAGE.COM

""Food Party" is a surreal mixture of puppets, weird special effects, and cooking; part Pee Wee's Playhouse, part psychedelic Martha Stewart cooking extravaganza. Hosted by punk-food princess Thu Tran, and shot in a cardboard kitchen, this extraordinary show takes us on a magical ride as Tran demonstrates cooking with common household ingredients, such as pretzel rods, cheese puffs, eggs, sugar, caramel, apple seeds, and pizza. Each episode instructs the viewer on how to prepare wild gourmet multi-course meals with ingredients you probably have on-hand in your kitchen already."

I am sure the mommies will gonna love this show and your family as a whole. So don't forget to turn on your TV's tomorrow night and Watch Food Party:Thu Become One Live Streaming.


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